Trading in trust

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to exporting your goods. Whether you want to ship fertilizer to Bangladesh, granite to Sudan, clothing apparel to Egypt, your waste materials to India or sell other commodities to Malaysia or any other country in the world: there are many requirements and legislations you have to adhere to, and these vary tremendously. And moreover, countries only permit a limited number of companies to verify these imported goods. 

The risk of having a shipment not reach its final destination poses a serious threat to exporters. At CWM, it is our highest goal to mitigate that risk. CWM is one of only 90 TIC Council approved companies worldwide. Since 1970 we offer our clients a wide range of testing, inspection and certification services. Among other commodities, CWM also provides inspection services for recyclables, like waste paper, waste plastics and metal scrap. 

We ensure your shipment meets quality standards, technical specifications and contractual requirements. We make it our business to truly know the ins and outs of your country of destination, enabling us to fully customize our services to the customers need. Because of our expertise and experience we can assist quickly and hands-on. And thanks to our PREMIUM platform, you can monitor the entire process in real time. CWM will guide your business across borders today and tomorrow, keeping your global trade in motion. In that, you can trust, because we operate by five self-imposed principles:

  • Made to measure
    We understand that each client is an individual, with the requirements to match, so we offer a service that goes above and beyond a basic “one-size-fits-all” standard. At CWM, we take your needs into account to offer you a tailor made service which matches your specific requirements.
  • Personal
    While other companies will put you on hold in a numbered queue, we pride ourselves for communicating with our clients personally. No matter your query, the right person you need is just a simple phone call or an email away.
  • Efficient
    Time is of the essence for any efficient business, and we have made it our philosophy to meet deadlines and manage time effectively all year round.
  • Professional
    At CWM we can guarantee a professional service at all times, thanks to our quality team of surveyors and inspectors. We make sure that all members of our team have a solid background and years of practical experience in their field of specialisation.
  • Flexible
    International commerce is a dynamic business and operates in the fast lane, so continuous change is expected, hence we have learnt that being adaptable is the key to good service. No matter the circumstances, we are prepared for any unforeseen events that could crop up and we are always flexible to cater to your needs.

Part of our team

The Netherlands

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Fred Penning

  • Assistent Manager Operations

    Gijs Penning

  • Chief Financial Officer

    Agnès Hijman

  • Chief Operational Officer

    Isik Bink

  • Assistent Manager Operations

    Dèvon Kuijstermans

  • Quality Manager

    Jeroen van Merode

Part of our team


  • Sales Manager

    Mohamed Salah

  • International Business Director

    Saul Keens

  • Administration Coordinator

    Vidya Raj

  • Operations Manager

    Heleena Nair

  • Chartered Engineer India/UAE

    Asim Goyal

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