Chartered Engineer Valuations

CWM offers Chartered Engineering and valuation services for second hand machinery at most major ports across the world.

CE inspection for second hand machinery

As per India Customs Circular 05/2015 replaced by Customs Circular 07/2020 - All Old & Used Second Hand Machinery/Equipment/Plants/Capital Equipment require a CE Inspection and Valuations Prior to dispatch for the purpose of Customs Clearance in India.

How does it work

The process

The process involves Evaluating the Equipment's Current Market Value - by ascertaining particulars such as Age, Make, Condition and comparing it with similar equipment available in the market, to arrive at Fair Assessment Value.

The advantages of working with cwm for CE evaluation

  • CWM is a DGFT Approved Pre-Shipment Inspection Agency (PSIA) and is approved to carry out Inspection and Valuation in all major port locations worldwide.
  • CWM is the preferred PSIA for some of the major players operating in the Oil & Gas Exploration and Marine fields in India.
  • We pay special attention to detail and to our customer’s process and procedures and other requirements.
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