Inspection is required to validate your products, materials, infrastructure or other assets to required specifications. Usually this entails checks for quality and/or quantity of goods, but could entail a varied scope of work such as sampling, checks on condition, packing, weight, shipping arrangements and more. CWM is a trusted 3rd party independent inspection company, our wide range of services are designed to protect your business interests.

Pre Shipment Inspections for global trade

Inspections are most commonly required when trade takes place, especially global trade where any issues with the products or materials can be costly if not detected early. An inspection from a well-qualified inspection company, such as CWM, will eliminate these risks, providing confidence that the consignment is conforming to the expected requirements.

Inspecting goods for specific regulations

At CWM we take great care to understand the possible risks for the product or material being inspected. This includes understanding any specific rules or regulations for the goods or for the planned country market for the goods. This is so that we can react quickly if and when any issues are discovered.

Shipment inspection

When choosing a company for your shipment inspection, it is vital that you can rely on fast and flexible services from a knowledgeable partner. This is why CWM International is the perfect choice. We have decades of experience and a wealth of expertise on shipment inspections for a large number of countries. We mainly specialize in inspections of shipments to Malaysia, Egypt and Sudan, but we can also provide you with reliable inspections to countries like India and Indonesia. Our worldwide network of inspectors ensures a quick and thorough inspection. 

Pre shipment inspection procedure

A shipment that can’t leave the harbour because the inspection certificates haven’t been issued in time is simply not acceptable. At CWM, we understand that time is money. This is why we have built our own PREMIUM platform which you can use free of charge. Once logged into your PREMIUM account, you can easily demand a pre shipment inspection and have a realtime insight in your inspection status. This means you always have access to up-to-date information. 


How does it work

The proces

We agree the full scope of inspection with our client, detailing which checks and/or specification are required for the consignment. We will determine and verify with the client in advance if samples are required for full laboratory testing, or if a standard visual checks or onsite tests are sufficient.

In most cases the inspection is carried out prior to shipping, but it can take place during any stage of the supply chain; during production, in storage, when the consignment is being loaded for shipping or discharged at destination, or even in the market place.

The advantage of working with CWM for Inspections

  • We listen to our customers carefully and act on their needs, paying special attention to any trade requirements or regulations for the type of consignment and destination.
  • We don’t believe that there is a pre-determined scope for every inspection, every customer has specific requirements for which they need assurance, in order to protect and have full confidence in their consignments.
  • Our experienced inspectors are trained to identify the risks and will always act quickly in the best interests of our clients or stakeholders.
  • What makes our customers really trust us, is the constant up to date status reports and other valuable information that we always aim to provide. Customers can even get live updates through CWM’s PREMIUM platform at any time of the day.
  • Waste Inspection

    CWM has long been a global leader in the inspection and verification of conformity of recyclable materials such as wastepaper or scrap metals and plastics.

  • Consumer Goods Inspection

    In the fast-moving world of consumer goods inspection for conformity assessment against standards and requirements is essential to ensure risk free trading.

  • Food Inspection

    CWM are licensed and accredited by authorities worldwide for food testing, inspection and certification requirements.

  • Agri Inspection

    With recognized expertise for agricultural commodities, we provide TIC services for cereals, sugars, rice, oils and fats, feeds, fertilisers and many more.

  • Minerals and Metals Inspection

    Our technical expertise is recognized industry wide for minerals and metals, enabling us to accurately verify quality and quantity at any point in the supply chain.

  • Machinery and Equipment Inspection

    Machinery and equipment for trade or for specific projects should be tested before shipping to verify performance and other specifications.

  • Government services Inspection

    Inspection is part of the verification of conformity process and is required to validate that the products meet required specifications.

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