Waste industry

Mainly due to the numerous benefits for the environment, recyclable materials have become commodities in high demand and shipments of waste paper, plastic and scrap metal are constantly being shipped globally. Because of this it has become a very standardised and controlled industry.

TIC services for waste

Whether it is to verify the grade or quality of a shipment, or to meet the various international regulation requirements for the trade and shipping of waste materials, the service of an independent third party inspection company is required to provide a quality or inspection certificate.

Knowledge and expertise in waste inspection

Many years ago, our team at CWM foresaw this future market and as a result became the first company in Europe to specialise in waste material inspection and inspection of recyclable materials. Our knowledge and experience has enabled us to become leaders in the field of inspection for waste paper, scrap metal and plastic for recycling.

Industry solutions

  • Waste paper

    Waste paper is a diverse area, where the quantity of grades and paper types can be daunting. Paper can come with many properties, whether we are talking about scrap paper from mills or sorted office paper. Since paper has its own distinct features, much like our clients at CWM, waste paper also requires the individual approach.

  • Scrap metals

    When it comes to metal, our experienced and specialised know how to handle metallic waste material which fall into both Ferro and the Non-Ferro scrap metal camp. We do this for containerized as well as bulk shipments.

  • Rubber scrap

    There is no such thing as only one type of rubber. For example, you can get butyl rubber inner tubes which are fresh from the recycling industry or crumb rubber from a processing plant. At CWM we have handled all types of rubber that have passed our way over the years.

  • Plastic waste

    Like all the other waste material that comes into our hands, plastic is no different in its individual qualities. At CWM we have handled plastics in a variety of forms and grades, from PET and engineering plastics through to LDPE film and regrinds.

The advantages of working with CWM in the waste industry

  • Our dedicated team of waste or recyclable materials experts at CWM not only have years of experience behind them, but they also come from a solid background in the industry. As such, conformity or quality assessment for waste or recyclable materials has become one of our core competencies at CWM.
  • We provide constant updates and status reports, and you can order and track the status of your inspection live, through CWMs PREMIUM platform.
  • CWM is a full member of the global TIC Council and ISO17020 accredited with waste materials as part of our wide-ranging accreditation scope.

Services of the waste industry

CWM performs waste inspections for the following countries

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