Testing Services

Testing is required to verify physical, chemical or performance related properties of products, materials or services to meet specific standards or specifications for quality, safety or even sustainability.

This could be purely to meet customer or market requirements, or it could be for import or export regulations. CWM works with a trusted network of laboratories and testing partners who use the latest testing methods and state-of-the-art equipment. If your products need a quality certificate based on the test results, we can provide you with one. 

How does it work?

The process

Generally, samples are provided, or taken by our experienced inspectors following internationally accepted ISO sampling methods (or following specific sample guidelines if the product requires).


Which tests and methodologies are required depends on a number of factors, such as the country of origin, the destination country and the product. Our experts at CWM will determine the specific tests and methodology required, to meet the standards and then ensure that all tests are carried out by the correct methodology and using qualified personnel and facilities.

Testing services

CWM has a network of accredited laboratories in close proximity to trading centers and ports of entry. The testing services we operate include waste, food, consumer goods and commodities.

The advantages of working with CWM for testing

We can help you to navigate the complex world of testing standards and requirements for global trade. Our experience allows us to advise and implement the best practices to maintain efficiency while meeting global market requirements.

Trustworthy partners

CWM will only use test laboratories or methods accredited or recognised for the product being tested. This ensures the accuracy and credibility of the test results.

We have a wide range of product experience which enables us to advise clients on the best test methodologies and/or potential product conformity issues.

  • Chemical Testing

    Chemical testing of products or materials includes identification or composition analysis, detection of contamination, testing for metal content and other parameters essential to determine compliance of the product or materials to meet certain standards.

  • Food Testing

    Whether it is for food safety or quality, contractual requirements or to determine compliance with local or international standards, food or agricultural product testing is essential for global trade.

  • Agri Testing

    Testing of agricultural commodities is required to verify chemical and nutritional properties of the commodities.

  • Consumer Product Testing

    Whether its household appliances, clothing, cosmetics, toys or the many other products purchased in the marketplace: safety and quality are often the two key factors that determine the products position in the market. This is important to meet market or import regulations, but also to meet standards required by brands or traders.

  • Metals and Minerals Testing

    Testing is required for metals and minerals to ensure that properties meet the requirements for use or purpose. Metal and minerals used in industry are expected to perform to specific standards and for a predetermined lifespan.

  • Waste Materials Testing

    Testing of waste or recyclable materials is often required to detect the presence of any hazardous substances, or to detect radiation or explosive traces in scrap metals.

  • Government Services Testing

    Verification of Conformity (VoC) programs often require testing of all products types to verify a product’s or material’s physical, chemical or performance properties. Sometimes called consignment based ­­conformity assessment (CBCA), VoC is a process of inspection, testing and often certification to ensure that items in a consignment meet the required standards for a country, before it is allowed market entry.

  • Machinery and Equipment Testing

    Performance testing is often required for machinery or industrial equipment and this can be done during the manufacturing process or prior to shipping.

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