At CWM, we uphold high quality standards and we continuously aim to improve our customer service and satisfaction. This had paid off: we hold a number of certifications, including ISO-9001:2008. Additionally, we also have memberships with the following organisations: TIC Council (former IFIA), BIR, GAFTA and FOSFA, all of which can vouch for our dedication to customer satisfaction.

BIR promotes material recycling and facilitates the free and fair trade of recyclables in a sustainable and competitive world economy. The BIR was also the first federation to support the interests of the recycling industry on an international scale.

The Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats (FOSFA) is a professional international contract issuing and arbitral body concerned exclusively with the world trade in oilseeds, oils and fats. With members spread over 88 different countries. Activitities of this international body, amongst others; issuance of international recognised and accepted contract forms, the organisation and administration of an effective arbitration service and the administration and management of an education and training programme.

The international trade association The Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA) is represented in 86 countries with over 1400 members to its name. GAFTA aims to promote international trade in agricultural commodities, spices and general produce. They also seek to protect the interests of their members worldwide by providing support and international contacts.

Started off as Metal Recycling Association of India, in 2011, the industry body of metal industry stakeholders metamorphosized into a full-blown trade body at the instance of Indian government. MRAI embraces and extends the benefits of benevolent actions of all recycling and recyclable commodity stakeholders, including – but not limited to - the metal sector.

Members of the TIC Council are international world leaders in the field of testing, inspection and certification, and all members must meet the TIC Council Compliance Code and undergo individual auditing on an annual basis. As a member, CWM Survey & Inspection follows the TIC Council Code of Practice for Government Mandated Pre-shipment Inspections, based on the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Agreement on Pre Shipment Inspections.

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