Premium platform

It’s called PREMIUM because compared to our competitors it’s another, much higher level of service – and it comes at no extra cost. PREMIUM is a fast online integrated platform providing our customer with access to live tracking of inspection statuses and easy scheduling or planning of inspection services.

Always up-to-date

We want our customers to be able schedule inspections or check the status when it’s convenient for them, so we developed the PREMIUM platform to provide this and more. Using the latest technology, the platform also integrates our internal operational processes, providing fastest possible workflow in the most secure way.

Fast, efficient and informative

Information, from the inspection site, from our back office or for our customer is updated instantly across the platform, providing a fast service and eliminating replication of data input.

The result is a fast, highly efficient and informative service, in an ultra-secure online environment – for free!

CWM Premium

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How does it work?

The system is fully automated, this means that orders and quotes are processed instantly, and orders automatically initiate the inspection process. It’s a customer’s direct portal into our process, with digital reporting – this means reduced paperwork and less process time.

Our clients, our staff and our inspectors can access the system from anywhere, providing the flexibility needed in today’s working world.

Customer can fill forms online, obtain verification of data or inspection status and receive their final report. All provided using the fastest and most secure technology and protocols.

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