Verification of conformity

Verification of Conformity (VoC), is a term used for a specific type of conformity assessment required for shipments or consignments being imported or exported. Often called Consignment Based Conformity Assessment (CBCA) it requires that individual consignments require a certificate from a qualified TIC company such as CWM.

Verification of Conformity: worldwide service

These certificates are generally to ensure that substandard or unsafe products or materials are not imported/exported, particularly for countries that do not have sufficient infrastructure to test the quality of all imports. In these cases a contract or license is given to qualified TIC companies such as CWM to perform the quality checks at the country of origin, before the consignment is shipped or exported.

Certificate of conformity

As an independent, qualified TIC company, CWM can provide you with a certificate of conformity. We are authorized by many national authorities to supply these certificates and can therefore guarantee your buyer that the imported product meets the required standards of the country in question. 

CoC - certificate of conformity

Issuing CoC’s requires a great deal of expertise and knowledge of local legislation and requirements of the countries between which the goods are shipped. When choosing CWM, you make sure you do business with an organization with decades of experience and a great wealth of experience in testing and inspection services

Shipment certificate of conformity

At CWM, we understand that you are on a tight schedule and want to plan the inspections for your certificate of conformity accordingly. Not only are we flexible and fast, but for several countries, we also provide you with the opportunity to use our free premium software to schedule inspections and keep track of your inspection statuses in real time.

How does it work?

The process

Although program specifics vary for different countries, the basic process and main objectives remain similar.

  • Once we receive an inquiry or order, we will review the documentation to determine the product or material type and the related standards or regulations.
  • Generally we will sample products from the supplier or manufacturer and verify that they meet the standard’s requirements through quality checks or laboratory testing, if needed.
  • As long as all specifications meet the relevant international or national standards, for all regulated products in the consignment, then a Certificate of Conformity will be issued.

The advantages of working with CWM for VOC

  • Our many years of experience in this field, enables us to accurately determine the quality levels of products and materials and their conformity to the many standards and regulations around the world.
  • Our inspectors and technical staff are trained constantly, to stay up to date with the latest technical regulations and potential risks; they are trained to act quickly to rectify any potential issues.
  • Our main objective is to advise and assist our clients and to operate in a way that ensures minimal disruption to the client’s business or supply chains.

Verification of conformity
for export to:

  • Waste Certification

    CWM has long been a global leader in the inspection and verification of conformity of recyclable materials such as wastepaper or scrap metals and plastics, providing inspection certification or certificates of conformity (COC).

  • Consumer Goods Certification

    In the fast-moving world of consumer goods inspection for conformity assessment against standards and requirements is essential to ensure risk free trading.

  • Food Certification

    CWM are licensed and accredited by authorities worldwide for food testing, inspection and certification requirements.

  • Agri Certification

    With recognized expertise for agricultural commodities, we provide TIC services for cereals, sugars, rice, oils and fats, feeds, fertilisers and many more.

  • Minerals and Metals Certification

    Our technical expertise is recognized industry wide for minerals and metals, enabling us to accurately verify quality and quantity at any point in the supply chain.

  • Machinery and equipment certification

    Machinery and equipment for trade or for specific projects should always be inspected before shipping to verify specifications an inspection certificate can be essential. Our chartered engineers can also provide valuation certificates.

  • Government services Certification

    An inspection certificate or certificate of conformity (CoC) is part of the process for verification of conformity (VoC) and is provided to certify that the products of a shipment meet specific standards, or various international regulation requirements.

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