Certificate of conformity for exports to Egypt

CWM is carrying out inspections worldwide for shipments to Egypt, we can help to facilitate your shipment with the issuance of certificates of conformity (CoC) under the GOEIC conformity program.

The CoC is a mandatory requirement for all regulated goods imported into Egypt and required for Customs clearance. CWM is authorised and trusted by the Egyptian authorities (GOEIC) for conformity assessment and issuance of CoCs.

Our industries

  • Consumer goods

    Consumer goods, or final products, are products that are eventually bought by individuals or households for personal use. Compliance to quality or safety standards is extremely important, not only because of consumer expectations or market requirements, but sometimes more importantly due to regulatory compliance for market access.

  • Minerals and Metals

    Poor quality minerals or metals can be expensive for business and can be the cause for safety or environmental concerns and so it is essential that suppliers or traders manage the risks.

  • Food

    Global trade is critically important for providing food when and where it’s needed, it is also just as important that the food supplied is sufficient, safe and nutritious. Therefore, CWM plays a critical role by providing TIC services to the food industry to ensure quality and safety of food products as well as the transport or storage methods used.

  • Agriculture

    Agricultural products often have a complex path, from the fields or farms to the kitchen or plates of the end consumers. In global trade, taking good measures to eliminate risk for the agricultural products throughout the supply chain is essential to maintain integrity and to provide much needed transparency.

  • Sustainable tourism

    Travelers are becoming more aware of the potential impact they have on the environment and communities. They expect tourist hosts or facilities to be more accountable for their current and future economic, social and environmental impacts. Sustainable tourism certification is a credential that gives evidence of good sustainable tourism management.

  • Machinery and Equipment

    Any issues with machinery or industrial equipment can have damaging consequences for projects, affecting timescales, cost and of course safety and performance. But, non-compliant machinery or equipment is avoidable, with the right measures in place.

The advantages of working with CWM for Egypt Verification of Conformity

Our global team for conformity assessment and our local team in Egypt are highly experienced with government verification of conformity (VoC) programs and we can advise you for the registration of products and/or the conformity of your products, to ensure that there are no disruptions to your supply chain to Egypt.

Our inspectors and technical staff are trained constantly, to stay up to date with the latest technical regulations and potential risks; they are trained to act quickly to rectify any potential issues.

We provide constant updates and status reports, and you can order and track the status of your inspection or certificate live, through CWMs PREMIUM platform.

CWM is authorised by

Authorized and trusted by Egypt’s General Organization of Export Import Control (GOEIC) to inspect and issue Certificates of conformity, worldwide, for regulated products being shipped to Egypt.


  • Construction and Building Materials
  • Household Appliances
  • Textiles, Clothing, Accessories
  • Toys
  • Watches
  • Bicycles, Motorcycles
  • Personal Care and Hygiene Products
  • Cosmetics
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