Machinery and equipment certification

Machinery and equipment for trade or for specific projects should always be inspected before shipping to verify specifications an inspection certificate can be essential. Our chartered engineers can also provide valuation certificates.

Certification of machinery and equipment

An inspection certificate or certificate of conformity (CoC) or Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) certificate, can be provided to certify that the products of a shipment meet specific standards, or various international regulation requirements.

Verification of conformity for machinery and equipment

These certificates are often mandatory, such as certificates of conformity (CoC) for verification of conformity (VOC) programs, for importing regulated products or materials in various countries with strict import quality control programs.

How does it work?

The process

The products of a consignment generally need to be verified or tested against a specification or requirements of the necessary standards or rules and regulations. The results are then assessed by our technical team to determine the outcome of the certificate issuance.

The advantages of working with CWM for certification in the Machinery and Equipment Industry

CWM’s long history and wide-ranging experience and accreditations (ISO17020) provide the expertise required by importers and exporters, to be certain that products or consignments have the correct certification applied to meet requirements.

Our process is quick and efficient, which means minimal or no disruption to the supply chain.

Regulated products have different requirements for different global markets, and it is constantly changing. This, along with today’s complex supply chains, can create many critical risk areas. Our inspectors and technical staff are well trained and experienced enough to identify any such risks and to take quick action to advise clients to rectify any potential issues.

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