Agricultural products often have a complex path, from the fields or farms to the kitchen or plates of the end consumers. In global trade, taking good measures to eliminate risk for the agricultural products throughout the supply chain is essential to maintain integrity and to provide much needed transparency.

TIC services for agriculture

CWM provides TIC services to help eliminate the trading or commercial risks in the agricultural supply chains enabling you to safeguard your end consumers, meet your contractual requirements and comply with often complicated regulations. Our agricultural product TIC services cover commodities such as grains, pulses, rice, sugar, feeds, oils, seeds, fats and fertilisers.

The advantages

of working with CWM

  • With a dynamic global structure, CWM works fast and efficiently with 24/7 operations for testing, inspection and certification.
  • Providing constant updates and information with quick delivery of reports, this way we aim for 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We are qualified at the highest levels in the industry, for a wide range of TIC services worldwide, however we still manage to provide a flexible, personable service.
  • We listen carefully to our customer requirements and act on what is needed.

Services of the Agriculture Industry

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