Global trade is critically important for providing food when and where it’s needed, it is also just as important that the food supplied is sufficient, safe and nutritious. Therefore, CWM plays a critical role by providing TIC services to the food industry to ensure quality and safety of food products as well as the transport or storage methods used.

Trusted TIC partner for food

Besides being trusted by suppliers, buyers and sellers for global food trade, CWM is also trusted by government authorities for the inspection and conformity assessment of food consignments. We are currently licensed by authorities of Indonesia, Dubai UAE and Sudan, for pre-shipment food inspections in the relevant supply countries.

The advantages of working with CWM in the Food Industry

  • CWMs dedicated team has years of expertise and are able to advise you or provide solutions to support your global food trade requirements. Our dynamic global network enables us to move quickly to meet your inspection or testing requirements and ensure that there are no disruptions to the supply chain.
  • We provide constant feedback, including advice on best practices and additional risks identified.
  • Live updates can be obtained through CWM’s online integrated portal, PREMIUM.
  • CWM is a full member of the global TIC Council and ISO17020 accredited with food as part of our wide-ranging accreditation scope.

Services of the Food Industry

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