Government services Inspection

Inspection is part of the verification of conformity process and is required to validate that the products meet required specifications.

Government services: Inspection

Usually this entails checks for quality and/or quantity of goods but could entail a varied scope of work such as sampling, checks on condition, loading supervision, verifying packing, weight, labelling and more.

How does it work?

The process

We agree the full scope of inspection with our client, detailing which checks and/or specifications are required for the consignment.

In most cases inspection is carried out prior to shipping, but it can take place at any stage of the supply chain; during production, in storage, when the consignment is being loaded for shipping or discharged at destination.

The advantages of working with CWM for inspection in the Government services Industry

CWM has long been a global leader in the inspection and verification of conformity for a wide range of products and materials and our operations are fast, efficient and effective.

Our staff are well trained and updated for any changes to regulations as well as the possible risks for specific products. This enables us to react quickly if and when any issues are discovered and to keep you well informed.

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