Consumer Product Testing

Whether its household appliances, clothing, cosmetics, toys or the many other products purchased in the marketplace: safety and quality are often the two key factors that determine the products position in the market. This is important to meet market or import regulations, but also to meet standards required by brands or traders.

Consumer product testing around the globe

Our global network of experts in all the marketplaces and ports around the world are ready to ensure that your products comply to not only your specifications, but also local regulations. Just as importantly, we help you guarantee that packaging, markings, instructions and labelling comply to local mandatory standards. We do this for a large range of consumer goods: electrical products and appliances, but also toys and other products.

Why testing for Consumer Goods

Testing of consumer products is required to ensure quality, safety or performance levels.

Testing may also be required to determine if the product conforms to specific standards, rules or regulations for market entry or to meet contractual requirements for trade.

How does it work?

The process

Generally samples are taken by our experienced inspectors following internationally recognised ISO sampling methods.

CWM will determine the specific tests and methodology required, to meet the standards and then ensure that all tests are carried out by the correct methodology and using qualified personnel and facilities.

The advantages of working with CWM for testing in the Consumer Goods Industry

We can help you to navigate the complex world of testing standards and requirements for global trade.

Our experience allows us to advise and implement the best practices to maintain efficiency while meeting global market requirements, rules and regulations.

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