Industry solutions

  • Waste Inspection

    CWM has long been a global leader in the inspection and verification of conformity of recyclable materials such as wastepaper or scrap metals and plastics.

  • Consumer Goods Inspection

    In the fast-moving world of consumer goods inspection for conformity assessment against standards and requirements is essential to ensure risk free trading.

  • Food Inspection

    CWM are licensed and accredited by authorities worldwide for food testing, inspection and certification requirements.

  • Agri Inspection

    With recognized expertise for agricultural commodities, we provide TIC services for cereals, sugars, rice, oils and fats, feeds, fertilisers and many more.

  • Minerals and Metals Inspection

    Our technical expertise is recognized industry wide for minerals and metals, enabling us to accurately verify quality and quantity at any point in the supply chain.

  • Machinery and Equipment Inspection

    Machinery and equipment for trade or for specific projects should be tested before shipping to verify performance and other specifications.

  • Government services Inspection

    Inspection is part of the verification of conformity process and is required to validate that the products meet required specifications.

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