Machinery and Equipment

Any issues with machinery or industrial equipment can have damaging consequences for projects, affecting timescales, cost and of course safety and performance. But, non-compliant machinery or equipment is avoidable, with the right measures in place.

TIC services for machinery and equipment

Machinery needs to be safe, secure and reliable, however it is generally also built to a specification and needs to perform as such. Testing of machinery can be done during the build process (during production or DUPRO), at build completion with Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) before shipping, or at any time throughout its lifespan.

Inspection certificates for machinery

An inspection certificate from a third-party independent inspection company such as CWM can be a valuable credential as part of the project or commercial process. We can provide TIC service worldwide for machinery and equipment.

Chartered engineering and valuation services

For second-hand equipment or machinery an inspection to determine the condition and/or value is also a valuable service; valuation certificates can be mandatory for import in some countries such as India. Our chartered engineers at CWM can provide valuation certificates and are approved by the Indian authorities. CWM offers chartered engineering and valuation services for second-hand machinery at all major ports across the world.

The advantages of working with CWM in the Machinery and Equipment Industry

  • Our dynamic global network enables us to move quickly to meet your inspection or testing requirements for machinery and equipment, ensuring that the best possible expertise is used for the service.
  • Our inspectors and engineers are well qualified for a wide range of machinery and equipment types and our team includes chartered engineers.
  • We provide constant feedback, including advice on best practices and additional risks identified.
  • Live updates can be obtained through CWM’s online integrated portal, PREMIUM.
  • CWM is a full member of the global TIC Council and ISO17020 accredited with machinery and equipment as part of our wide-ranging accreditation scope.

Services of the Machinery and Equipment Industry

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