Machinery and Equipment Testing

Performance testing is often required for machinery or industrial equipment and this can be done during the manufacturing process or prior to shipping.

Testing of machinery and equipment

Machinery needs to be safe, secure and reliable, however it is generally also built to a specification and needs to perform as such. Testing of machinery can be done during the build process (during production or DUPRO) at build completion before shipping or at any time throughout its lifespan.

Machinery testing for performance and quality

Testing of machinery and equipment is required to verify performance or quality levels and often to determine that the product conforms to specifications, rules or regulations for project requirements, market entry or to meet contractual requirements for trade.

How does it work?

The process

The process depends widely on your requirements as a customer, we can work to your specifications or we can advise you on the scope of work to be covered.

The procedures used by our experienced inspectors generally follow internationally recognised procedures or ISO methodologies.

The advantages of working with CWM for testing in the Machinery and Equipment Industry

At CWM we have a dynamic network of well qualified inspectors and engineers. We can help you to navigate the complex world of testing standards and requirements for global trade.

Our experience allows us to advise and implement the best practices to maintain efficiency while meeting your requirements as well as global market requirements, rules and regulations.

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