"The lines of communication are short.

Cindy Schopman - Overdie

“We export a few thousand containers of scrap metal to India every year and we have been working with CWM for inspections for years. This is done to my full satisfaction: I have never actually encountered any problems in the almost four years that I have been working here now. If an audit is required, it is always done smoothly and timely.

I request the inspections by e-mail. I will indicate when we are going to load and what material it concerns. I will then quickly receive a reference number and then the inspection is carried out, after which I receive a draft certificate. If everything is correct, I receive the original. There are only a few simple steps that we have to take and they always go well, partly because you can communicate quickly with CWM.

At the moment CWM only provides checks and inspections for India. But I recently understood that they are also getting certified to do the inspections for Malaysia. As soon as that is the case, we will certainly also use the services of CWM for our exports to Malaysia. The lines of communication are short and everything goes quickly and smoothly; that's definitely a big advantage."

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