"Their expertise is valuable"

Joep van der Broeke - Ciparo

“Years ago, CWM started doing our pre-shipment inspection certificates. Initially only for Indonesia; later India was also added. We also export to countries where CWM is not yet an authorized certifier and for those countries we work together with other parties, but as soon as CWM has authority for a country, we will choose them to they carry out our inspections. I understood that Malaysia will be joining them soon and that would be nice, because the cooperation is excellent.

We can always communicate quickly with CWM and there is always a swift response. The expertise they have in recycling is valuable. In some cases, a country demands an inspection report from another party and then we suddenly receive an inspector from another company. We then immediately notice that they have much less knowledge about our industry and our product - not purposely of course. But especially in recycling, good controls are essential and it is very important that all procedures are followed properly.

CWM understands exactly what we do and vice versa. Because we both have contacts all over the world, we regularly meet up to discuss opportunities and possibilities. But also to share information about, for example, imminent changes in legislation and regulations. By sharing our knowledge, we all get better. As far as I'm concerned, that's the value of the partnership we have with CWM.”

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