We've learned from each other in our partnership

Maurice Evers - De Paauw

“I've been working with CWM for about ten years. At that time, there was not much pre-inspection necessary in our field, but as more and more regulation was introduced in the countries we export to, it became increasingly important. I think that is a good development, because there are also quite a few parties active in this sector that do not take the rules so closely. We do everything as it should and we would like to show that. Pre-inspection contributes to this.

Our main sales market is Indonesia, where we ship a few hundred containers per year. Planning the inspections just-in-time is quite a challenge: it is often unclear exactly when a container will arrive and once it is there, we naturally want to keep the throughput speed as high as possible. CWM is very good at that.

We know exactly what the market requires of us. Do we think the cargo is not good enough? Then it will not go to Indonesia. Because we have set the bar so high ourselves, the inspection actually always runs smoothly. At the moment we only cooperate with CWM for Indonesia as other countries require different inspection partners. But I would also like to work with CWM for other countries. After all, I know that I can rely on their expertise and they can rely on ours. Over the years, we have learned a lot from each other within our partnership. They are absolute professionals in their field and that works well together. ”

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