"We work together as equal partners"

Rakibul Khan - Continental Inspection Company

“We have been working with CWM for more than thirty years. Our family business performs inspections on many products, but mainly fertilizers. For CWM the partnership is based largely around inspections for the Bangladesh market. 

When I say ‘partnership’ this really does mean: working together as equal partners. This is a core value that we, as a company, share with CWM. I believe that it is vital for us to have a partnership in which trust is an important factor. As a child, I heard my father talk about how trustworthy CWM was as a partner, and now that I’m the second generation working with them myself I can only confirm this. But apart from trust you also need knowledge, understanding of project management and international business knowledge to be able to succeed. All of these qualities are present within CWM. 

As well as performing inspections on the ground for CWM, we also request them to do jobs in Europe. They are the most cost effective party that I know of. Even in a very short period of time they will manage to do the inspection quickly and I know for a fact that if I assign a job to CWM, they will do it without fail. I’ve tried to use different partners to compare them to CWM, but I always come back to them because both the company as a whole and the CEO, Fred, are honest and dedicated.”

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